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Our processes are quite simple and effective.  They have allowed us to build our relationships with clients (property managers, facility managers, business owners, and restaurant owners) as well as earning their ongoing and continued business.   Our cleaning processes are as simple as 1…2…3…  Provided is a sample of how we work with you…our next client.

Step 1-Assesment

Allow our staff to do a walk through with you.  Our staff takes pictures, asks several questions, takes measurements, and overall visual assessments.  We also conduct a 15-point inspection on multiple surfaces areas of your facilities.


Step 2-Proposal & Estimate

We will create a detailed proposal and tailored package to meet your business and budget needs.  Additionally, we will provide you with details about how we propose to clean various surface areas and the products that will be used,

Step 3-SChedule a Start!


We have mutually agreed on a service schedule and startdate and now you begin receiving the highest level of service and communication in the industry!

Estimate: 877-755-3267​​
Our Process:
Call Us Now: 877-755-3267
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